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How to upgrade the Universal Gauge firmware

1. Download the latest firmware upgrade file suited for your gauge (please verify your serial number) and select model required at http://perfecttuning.net under the support tab.
2. The firmware upgrade can be done with a smartphone, laptop or a tablet running Windows, Android or IOS.
3. Power up the gauge, go to settings, Wifi hotspot and enable it by pressing both buttons.
4. On your laptop or smartphone and connect to the new wifi hotspot named PerfectTuning-XXXX.
5. Firefox browser is not supported. Use Google Chrome to do the firmware upgrade. On IOS devices, this is tricky because the IOS devices cannot store a .bin file easily; the user must save the firmware file to iCloud first. And then select the file from there in Safari.
6. Open your browser and navigate to
7. Click on the Upgrade tab.

*** WARNING *** for all the gauges running firmware version under 22, contact us to get a firmware upgrade file.

The files on the website won’t work with your gauge ***
8. Click on browse to select the ptugxxxxxxxxx.bin file suited for your gauge.
9. Click on “Begin upgrade”. The upgrade should take less than 30 seconds.
10. Accept the pop-up and don’t do anything else. Wait until an other message appears and check the gauge for any messages or a gauge reboot.
11. After the reboot, on the gauge, go to settings, general info and validate that the “sw version” is the same as the file you used for the upgrade. If not, try again.

For all the gauges that are running the software version under 44,

An upgrade of the HTML files is required too.
After upgrading to the latest version, enable wifi and navigate to the web page. Then instead of upgrading the bin file, select the file named rescueUpgrade.html. Do not send it if you're not on firmware 45 or over. When it's done. go to If the page load, then send select, index.html and press begin upgrade again.
If you have any problems or questions, please contact us directly at support@perfecttuning.net


All Versions (MS2, MS3, AEM, Haltech, Link/Vipec, ECUMaster) Serial number 1000080 and up:  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD V72 HW5 ************



How to upgrade the OBD2 Module

1. Connect to the PerfectTuning_OBD2 WiFi hotspot.
2. With an internet browser (Chrome is recommended), go to (enter this address in the address bar)
3. Go to the update tab
4. Update the ".html" file ****Do this step before any other file and do not refresh the page****
5. Update the ".bin" file (this is the final step)
6. Once the update is finished (.bin), the module will restart. So do the steps 1 and 2 again and make sure that the software version
match the version of the .zip archive (X.X.X).

If you have any questions, please contact support@perfecttuning.net.


To download the last update, please click on this link:  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FILES ************