The Perfect Tuning Universal gauge is compatible with all vehicles with a 52mm gauge pod. The base is 52mm but be aware that the overall dimensions are 69mm.

Universal Gauge dimensions

Select the universal model and add up to 3 sensors that you want to display on your gauge (boost, AFR, EGT, temperature (oil, fuel, coolant, air), pressure (oil, fuel, coolant), and more!

The other way to use the gauge is to use it to display real time values from an aftermarket ECU like a Megasquirt, AEM, ViPEC, LinkECU, ECUMaster, ProEFI and more.

Megasquirt users: You can also use the gauge as an expansion board that add three 0-5v analog inputs.

One very useful feature is the alarm module. It's possible to create 16 different alarms with 2 conditions each to notify you of any abnormal condition. Here is few examples:
- Shift light
- Overheat
- Lean AFR based on boost level
- Abnormal oil or fuel pressure

Universal gauge shift light

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The gauge is a WiFi hotspot so you can connect to it with any smartphone, tablet or laptop to change the settings. No app to install. Everything is done in a webpage!

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